A Guide to Different Types of Mirror

Mirrored walls can add a new look to your home and make your place much bigger. Moreover, a perfect mirror can illuminate your home space. It looks beautiful and can entirely renovate your home.

Many people think of a mirror as an equally basic household item just like other items such as vacuum cleaners, cupboards tables, etc.

In today`s world it is slightly different from the historical tradition and become a symbol of beauty and aesthetics. These reflective objects help to make our home aesthetically pleasing.

7 Best Mirrors You Need for Home Decor

There is a vast variety of different mirrors like stand mirrors, wall mirrors, oval mirrors, and many more. It is so great having mirrors all around the home so you can see yourself in the mirror before you head out.

If you`re looking for the perfect type of mirror for your home, here are some choices in a variety of styles that give the perfect look to your home.

1. Entryway Mirror

An entryway is a mirror in which it is located right next to the entrance of your home. They emanate in a variety of sizes and shapes like rectangular, oval, and square. If you`re trying to make your entryway look good and beautiful then go for the entryway mirror.

The best way to place it, all you have to do is to choose a place and place a bench or table up to you and place it in front of the entryway mirror to make it even better, this look will give the expertly mounted to the wall.

2. Freestanding Full-length Mirror

This freestanding full-length mirror allows you to see yourself from head-to-toe especially, when you want to go out and sometimes when you feel so curious about your look so it helps you to fix it. This kind of mirror come in so many frames best frame according to me is antique mirror which give a vintage look to your home.

This freestanding full-length mirror is really popular nowadays. Especially, in young adults it is really common because they make videos and capture pictures with the help of this freestanding full-length mirror. Some of these mirrors may be collectibles and worth an upright deal of cash. 

3. Bespoke Mirror

Bespoke mirrors are mirrors that are customized and cut to size mirrors in a range of sizes and shapes. You can place them in so many places of your home like in your bedroom, your drawing room and even in your bathroom. In the drawing-room, it looks an exceptional vintage look. You can customize it in any size, shape or frame, non-framed you can decorate your mirror in any shape.

4. Dresser Mirror

The dresser mirror is one of the common and traditional mirror. Everyone have this kind of mirror. It is hung and attached to the dresser to support the mirror. It is usually found in a bedroom and almost everyone places the dresser mirror in their bedroom.

Dresser Mirror is very useful when it comes to combing your hair and doing makeup, wearing accessories like locket, pendant and rings, etc. in addition, you can use it to adjust your scarves and hats as well before leaving the room. It adds beauty to your bedroom or any other room you placed it.

5. Non-reversing Mirror:

A non-reversing mirror, typically composed of two mirrors, is commonly found in bathrooms. This type of mirror is not readily available in markets, but you can easily customize it quickly and affordably. The non-reversing mirror does not have a visible line on the condition that the two mirrors are aligned properly.

It looks so minimalistic when it is without any frame also it comes in variety of sizes and shapes. Non-reversing Mirro is also well thought-out as a frameless mirror. It helps usually when you do your skin care regime or wash your face and hands.

6. Vanity Mirror

Vanity mirror is made for grooming. It can be in various of shapes and sizes. The best part of this mirror is that it has a lot of LED bulb all around the mirror which gives you light even if the room is dark and helps you to do your makeup and hairdo. It gives a define look to your home. This mirror is considered as the makeup mirror. Usually in girl`s room it is present.

It’s highly bright competence, no heat radiation, no flicker, no spots, eye protection, so providing a professional illumination for makeup. You can adjust the brightness according to your needs, transitioning from bright to dark or vice versa.

7. Over-the-Door Mirror

Over-the-door mirror is best if you want a full-length mirror at your place. These mirrors are lightweight and affordable. It is really thin and stacked unto the door of your cupboard. Door Mirror helps you to have a look full look from head-to-toe. It gives a fresh look to your home and it is a different form to beautify your home in this way.

It come in various shapes and sizes or may be it the size of your cupboard so that it may be easy to place on top of the door of the cupboard. You can also place over-the-door mirror on the door of your room. It adds beauty and an aesthetic look to your home.


Diverse kinds of mirrors can add a lot of exquisiteness to your home and helps you in many ways. It come in various sizes and shapes as well and gives you a vintage look. So if you want to make your home to look different but appealing in a similar way go and grab your desired and widespread mirror and make your home look even more beautiful just by adding these remarkable types of mirror. For more blogs like this, check out @theluxeblog.com for better insights.