Gabapentin Ruined My Life- Side-effects/Precaution/Solution

Gabapentin ruined my life” is the statement of the patient when he faces terrific side effects like mood swings. After consuming Gabapentin, a patient has had a different experience of being affected by partial seizure, mood swings, and blurred eyesight. So, if you are drug-dependent, it will be a disaster for you in the long run. Know about various applications of Gabapentin and how this anticonvulsant drug affects the brain and other parts of the body. This article will give you a few details about the side effects and application of this anti-seizure medication.

Why Gabapentin Ruined My Life?

In her personal notebook, she wrote that “Gabapentin ruined my life.” She is a patient suffering from convulsion disorder. The episode of recurrent epileptic disorders gives her pain and frustration. She has to consume gabapentin drug as a pain relief with the easiness. She is not alone but there are millions of patients who are victims of this anticonvulsant drug. They are addicted to such powerful medication which damages various portions of their bodies. Even mentally, they are disturbed and tense. 

What Are Other Names of Gabapentin Drugs?

Gabapentin drugs are sold under brand names like Graalise, Horizant and Neurontin. All these medications control and minimize the symptoms like nerve pain, partial seizure, and skin rashes due to shingles onset. Rest leg syndrome is also curable and controllable through the intake of Gabapentin. All these prescribed medications have FDA certificates.

Gabapentin Ruined My Life- Any Major Health Breakdown?

Gabapentin Ruined My Life

“Gabapentin ruined my life” is the personal statement of a victim who is drug dependent. Million people who have tested the effectiveness of this medication are unanimous to admit the reality. There are side effects of the consumption of Gabapentin. 

Mood Swings- The aftermath effect of taking Gabapentin leads to several episodes of emotional disturbance, mood swings, and sudden changes in behavioral patterns. Proper treatment is needed to have the solution. 

Inflammation in Extremities- Longer addiction to Gabapentin is another reason for the inflammation in the extremities. To avoid this type of health hazard, you need to draw the attention of the doctor. If your health condition goes down rapidly, you need to stop consuming an overdose of the medication. 

Blurred vision- Another negative impact of addiction to Gabapentin is the risk of having the symptoms of blurred vision. You have the pain in your eyes when you try to concentrate on the book reading. According to doctors, in that case, it is better for the patient not to ride a bike and drive a car. 

Erectile Dysfunction- Overdose of Gabapentin medication increases the possibility of lowering erectile strength causing low libido among male partners. If it happens, the guy should not delay to consult with the doctor. 

Gabapentin Ruined My Life Reddit- Know about the Catch 

Gabapentin ruined my life reddit is the post online. In the short descriptive gig, the writer has confirmed the side effects of gabapentin. Basically, as an anti-neuropathic drug, it is much more effective. Non-neuropathic syndrome followed by pain is not highly responsive to this medication. The frequent overdose of this medication can speed up the risk of onsets of sedation. Patients develop the symptoms of delirium and falls syndrome. However, in some cases, there is little chance of predicting the side effects of gabapentin. It doesn’t respond to the chronic pain as well. So, before using this drug, you need to talk to your medical practitioner. 

Gabapentin Has Ruined My Life- Is It a Narcotic Element?

Gabapentin Ruined My Life

In another post, a victim clarified, “Gabapentin has ruined my life” stating his health condition. This anticonvulsant medication destabilizes the health bringing the person on the verge of destruction. However, it is not a narcotic element, but it can be dangerous eventually. If you consume this drug exceeding the prescribed dose, it will be a risk factor for you. Nausea, headache, and weakness make you fragile. Gabapentin causes withdrawal syndromes including Insomnia, Nausea, Headaches, Dizziness, and Anxiety. Therefore, one should ask for a timely consultation with experts to have an instant solution.

Gabapentin Ruined My Life- Preventive Care 

To have safeguards to minimize the side effects, you should go for preventive measures. According to experts, Gabapentin is not an analgesic but it is a neuropathic pain reliever to tackle epileptic attacks. so before being fully overpowered by the Gabapentin drug, you should control your emotions. You must show your patience to use this anticonvulsant drug. In the Gabapentin Ruined My Life gig, a drug user has shared his experience. You should read this type of review or gig to have more information about the cons of Gabapentin. 


Gabapentin is a powerful anti-seizure drug but it also produces various side effects. The health of the patient can deteriorate because of the overdose of this medication. Precaution beforehand saves your life from destruction in the long run. Sudden withdrawal from the usage of Gabapentin is not good and it can boost the risk of intensifying withdrawal syndrome like nausea. Drug rehab campaigns can help addicted patients to overcome drug addiction eventually. Without a doctor’s prescription, the patient can’t use this powerful anti-seizure medication. 


Q: What is Gabapentin?

A: Gabapentin is a powerful anticonvulsant drug to minimize neuropathic disorder symptoms.

Q: Is there any side effect of taking Gabapentin?

A: The common side effects of taking Gabapentin are anxiety, insomnia, and mental trauma.

Q: Can gabapentin cause irreparable damage?

A: Yes long-lasting effect of gabapentin cripples patients forever.

Q: Are kids allowed to take Gabapentin?

A: Kids are not permitted to consume Gabapentin drug for managing seizures.

Q: Where to buy Gabapentin?

A: Either you can buy from a local drug store or you can try an online pharmacy to refill your prescription.

Q: What is the catch of Gabapentin?

A: Gabapentin is a neuropathic pain relief drug but it can’t cure symptoms of chronic pain caused by other reasons. It is not an elixir.

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