How Is The PWA Revolution Affecting WordPress Developers?

The digital landscape is constantly evolving with the rise of innovations every day. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are the latest trend-setters that have created quite a buzz nowadays! With its unique set of features and functionality, it has brought a whole new edge to the user experience altogether!

PWAs are a combined version of a website and a native application. This combination brings a lot of useful features that can help you stand out in the web development realm. However, hiring dedicated website developers is necessary for optimal integration of these applications.

In this article, we will throw light on PWAs and how are they affecting WordPress developers as a whole. So, let’s buckle up and get going!

A Quick Glimpse On Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Before plunging too deep into the topic, let’s take a quick detour and revise the concept of Progressive Web Apps.

So, PWAs try to get you the best of both worlds- websites and native mobile applications. Here are a few features and functionalities of PWAs that will help you understand why it’s creating a stir in the present market-

  • PWAs are built with the most common languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. This enables it to run on just any device having a standard web browser. You don’t need to download a separate application from the app store!
  • A powerful feature of PWA is that it works fine even without an internet connection. This makes it easier for users to access content and information whenever they feel like it!
  • PWAs offer an app-like experience. You can launch it from a home screen icon, get notifications, and offer a responsive and smooth user experience.

Hiring a custom WordPress development company like Digital Concepts makes it easier for you to successfully integrate PWAs into your traditional websites and elevate your engagement game significantly!

How Are PWAs Affecting WordPress Developers?

Now that you know what Progressive Web Apps are, let’s move on and see how it has affected WordPress developers-

The Positives

  • Increased Project Valuation

PWA integration enables WordPress developers to enhance the user experience of traditional sites significantly. Not only that, but this also translates to a higher user engagement. So, client satisfaction remains optimum, along with a strong potential for an increased valuation of the project.

  • Wider Audience Reach

As mentioned before, PWAs can work efficiently across all platforms. This significantly reduces the need to download it from app stores. This particular aspect allows WordPress developers for hire in India to cater to a wider audience, and also to those who may not have downloaded native applications.

The Negatives

  • Relying On Plugins

One of the major drawbacks happens to be the over-reliance on plugins for incorporating PWA features on a WordPress website. Although the integration process is easy, it adds up complexities and increases the dependence on dedicated plugin updates for the app to continue functioning effectively.

  • Increase In Competition

PWA integration might also result in bringing over projects that would have otherwise gone to native application developers. This might result in increased competition in the realm of WordPress developers in specific niches.

Is PWA Integration Cost-Effective?

When it comes to cost, PWA integrations are unanimous winners! How?

Well, PWAs are traditional websites with improved features and functionality. So, the cost of maintenance is a lot similar to the cost of WordPress web development.

Added to that, it doesn’t require a separate submission to app stores. This cuts down any kind of cost attached to submission on such platforms that might be required while developing native apps.

To Conclude

PWAs are undoubtedly a revolutionary innovation that brings about a harmonious blend of traditional websites with native apps. However, it has its fair share of benefits and drawbacks for WordPress developers like any innovation has!

It’s like a double-edged sword that presents opportunities as well as issues in the realm of WordPress and web developers. Only by embracing the change can Devs be able to explore this competitive market and stand out from the rest.

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