Shaqs Bed-Everything You Should Learn before Buying

The size of Shaqs bed is inexplicably bigger than that of yours. Shaquille O’Neal’s 45th birthday is celebrated with pomp and grandeur. He is a famous basketball player who has earned worldwide fame. To honor him, this oversize bed is chosen. It is not an ordinary comforter and Shaq relies on this sleeping device. It is an artifact for him. 

What is Shaqs Bed?

A 15 feet wide and 30 feet long bedstead covers the centerpiece of the bedroom or lounge. Shaq is comfortable when he lies on the beautiful soft bed to rest by stretching his limbs. This extraordinary Shaqs bed has also a pillow matching the comforter. 

Who is Shaq?

Who is Shaq

Shaq was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to grow. He is a basketball player who played for his team at LSU. Orlando Magic in 1992 selected him to play at the inter-college tournaments and later he became a jewel of the NBA team. His achievement records are shining and remarkable. This champion participated in many inter-college and national NBA tournaments. He got the title All-star 18 times and remained unbeaten. Way back in 2000, he was conferred MVP of the NBA Finals. This eminent basketball player has also a nickname called Diesel. He is a bold, and talented sportive guy with a bright prospect. 

What Is the Exact Size of Shaq’s Bed?

Shaq is a rich and ambitious basketball player. He never stoops to failure. Therefore, his selection process is different from others. Shaq’s bed is California King size. The bed dimensions including size are 80 inches wide and 92 inches long. It seems to be a mini soccer playing ground. Besides, he has designed a 12 inc pillow top comforter or mattress. He slips into deep slumber the minute he throws his lanky body on the soft hypoallergenic mattress. He tosses up and down on the oversize mattress to have more power to strengthen up bunches of his muscles. 

What Is the Myth about Shaq’s Bed?

Many people spread rumors about Shaqs bed. According to them, his bed is ready for giving accommodation to at least a group of 20 guests for sleeping together. God knows whether his bed is enough for them to take rest in a single go. However, his oversize bed indeed has wonderful décor. The modernized bedstead with a sleeping mattress is sophisticated and luxurious. The headboard panel is equipped with an LED TV frame with a battery-powered infotainment system. The whole entertainment kit is detachable and repairable too. Special oak wood has been used to manufacture the whole bedstead and it is an artifact for Shaq to feel proud of. 

What Is the Size of the Mattress Matching Shaq’s Bed?

The flat oversize bed should have a fitted mattress to complete the sleeping infrastructure. The approximate dimensions of the mattress are 72 inches in width and 84 inches in length. However, the controversies about the mattress shape are always putting people in perplexity. They should study to learn about the original shape of the mattress for the bed of Shaq. 

What Is the Price of Shaq’s Bed?

Shaq’s bed is a matter of attraction to mesmerize others. He is the king in the basketball arena. California King is the company to manufacture Shaq’s bed with complete décor. Certainly, it is expensive and the total cost of manufacturing this bed is $25000 including incidental charges. Anybody can place an order to have such nice fancy Shaq’s bed which has complete décor with a touch of classicism. 

Why Does Shaq Require Such Big Size Bed?

It confuses people why Shaq needs a custom bed in a big size. According to experts, he is a tall man whose 325 pounds body is heavy for the bed. He is a 7 ft tall guy to stand on the floor. So, he orders the manufacturer to make a huge durable bed that is compatible with his oversize body. 

Comparison Studies -How Big Is Shaqs Bed?

How Big Is Shaqs Bed

Recent updates regarding the custom-made Shaq’s bed size have confirmed some major changes in the original California King size bed for Shaq. How big is Shaqs bed? The comparison studies reveal that the actual standard king-size bed has dimensions- 20.3 square feet for a single person to sleep on the bed. The standard California King bed is 42 square feet. These local beds are available for basketball players. However, the priority for Shaqs bed is indicative of vast differences in the size and dimension of the beds compared to other brands. There is no similarity between a local custom king-size bed and Shaq’s bed. The California King size bed for Shaq is multiple times bigger than that of an NBA player. Besides, this heavy-duty oak made bed is not fit for the miniature room. It requires extra space for the installation of such a gigantic bedding system. luxurious bathrooms offer opulent elegance and unparalleled indulgence, transforming daily routines into extraordinary experiences.

How Many Beds Are Possessed by Shaq?

Shaq is a rich guy who is also a basketball player. This elegant tall sports personality has the requirement of a specially decorated bedding system with a mattress. Right now, Shaq has two big size beds which are durable and ergonomic. The two beds are in different shapes with separate dimensions. One Shaq bed is 72″X98″ and the other one is 15 ft wide and 30 ft long. All these beds are modernized and opulent with glossy woodwork. 20 inches LED TV sets are attached to the headboard panel keeping alignment straight to the footboard panel. 

How Many Persons Can Sleep on Shaq’s Bed?

The wonder looms large when you see the bigger bed glittering in the room of Shaq. This 7 inch ft 1-inch lanky guy is a sportsman and his body weight is around 325 pounds. He is a misfit to the ordinary local bedstead. He has made two giant king-size beds which are specious to accommodate a group of 12 to 20 sleepers at a time. The average math is that the 15 ft x30 ft dimension of the bed covers 450 square feet on the floor. Approximately, 20 percent of the space is covered by this bed practically. It is sufficient for 12 to 20 NBA players to share space on the bed. 

Where to Buy Shaq’s Bed?

Shaq is a famous basketball player. Shaq is not satisfied to buy the bedding systems from local storefronts. He has an unusually lengthy profile to appear robust, confident, and muscular. He has given the order to a California King bed manufacturing company to handcraft such a gigantic bed for him. If you like to buy a bed, you can contact this company to have such a wonderful luxurious bedding pack. However, you should give your instructions to the manufacturer to design your bed without overlooking aesthetic appeal. Besides, other big bosses personalize Shaq’s bedding systems at comfortable rates. For instance, contact Wyoming King, Texas King, and Alaskan King companies for creating more dynamic bedding systems. For example, the Alaskan king bed size is m108 inches by 108 inches.

Compare Shaq’s Bed to Queen Bed Size 

People who are interested to buy modern bedding systems can compare Shaq’s bed to the Queen Bed size. They will come to know about the dimensions of the different types of beds. The actual or standard Queen bed size is 60 inches by 80 inches. This bed is suitable for a single sleeper. However, comparatively, the Queen bed is far smaller than Shaq’s bedding system. 

Shaq Superman Bed

The luxurious 15ft by 30 ft Shaq superman bed is a must for him. The big Superman logo on the bed stimulates the blood of this guy to become more powerful with skyrocketing energy levels. He likes to use dynamic, durable, and classic bedding systems with heavy accents. You will also find the marvelous Shaq Dunkman logo on the bed of Shaq. It boosts your sportiveness and energy level to become a true sportive guy. 


Shaq bed is a masterpiece. It is an oversize bedding system that has also a big-size mattress. For a tall person, this bed is a must. However, Shaq’s bed is capable of providing sufficient room for 6 to 20 people for comfortable sleeping. He admits that his new bed covers 20 percent floor space of his bedroom. Certainly, it is a surprise for people to see such a luxurious custom-made California King bed. 


Q: Who is Shaq?

A: Shaq is known for his sportsmanship. He is a basketball player who has played with a number of national teams.

Q: What is Shaq bed?

A: Shaqs bed is oversized and it is very much heavy. The expensive weather-resistant oak wood is used to manufacture such an ergonomic bedding system.

Q: What is the cost of Shaq bed?

A: Shaq bed costs you almost $25000.

Q: Why is Shaq bed popular?

A: Shaq is a 7 ft 1-inch tall basketball player who needs a gigantic bed. California King bed measures 15ft by 30 ft to fit his room. 20 guests can sleep well lying on this oversized bed without feeling uncomfortable.

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