Garage Sale Mysteries in Order- A Heart-throbbing Crime Series – A Review

Garage Sale Mysteries in Order is a pack of 16 episodes of movie series based on Garage Sale Stalker, written by Suzi Weinert. However, do not get stuck or confused with Sherry Harris’ Garage Sale mysteries (same name). There are a total of 16 episodes to complete the whole crime series. The first movie hit the box office way back in 2013.

The film was aired on the Hallmark channel. It was a successful venture by offering the movie to the audience. Everybody thanked the producer and director of the movie premiered to entertain people. Garage Sale Mysteries in Order gives you a lens to see the heinous murder and crime lurking behind the curtain. Jennifer Shannon, the female detective, unfurled the sources of the crime to capture the accused. In real movie series, Lori Loughlin has acted as Shannon. 

Garage Sale Mysteries in Order

Garage Sale Mystery in Order is a movie series containing 16 episodes. At different times, these movies based on crime were released. All movies are popular and interesting to encourage youngsters to watch every single movie. The chain of stories of Garage Sale Mysteries in Order is built up on four books. The movie maker collected excerpts from four different books for evaluation and review. Later, he modified the characters to make all 16 movie series attractive.

Shannon is an intelligent suburban woman who has a keen interest in selling antiques at competitive rates. She visited many places for garage sales. During her outdoor expeditions, she met several strangers and friends who are either killed or involved in the crime. She is not a professional investigator but she tries to solve problems using her intelligence and data analysis.

List of Top 16 Garage Sale Mysteries in Order Movies 

In 2013, the first movie entitled Garage Sale Mysteries series was introduced to people. Then all the remaining garage sale mystery movies in order popped up Hallmark channel to stun movie viewers. They are curious to know more about the list of all 15 movie series apart from the first premiered movie entitled Garage Sale Mysteries in Order. Check the list below –

Garage Sale MysteriesGarage Sale Mystery (2013)
Garage Sale MysteriesAll That Glitters (2014)
Garage Sale MysteriesThe Deadly Room (2015)
Garage Sale MysteriesThe Wedding Dress (2015)
Garage Sale MysteriesGuilty Until Proven Innocent (2016)
Garage Sale MysteriesThe Novel Murders (2016)
Garage Sale MysteriesThe Art or Murder (2017)
Garage Sale MysteriesThe Beach Murder (2017)
Garage Sale MysteriesMurder By Text (2017)
Garage Sale MysteriesMurder Most Medieval (2017)
Garage Sale MysteriesA Case of Murder (2017)
Garage Sale MysteriesThe Pandora’s Box Murders (2018)
Garage Sale MysteriesThe Mask Murder (2018)
Garage Sale MysteriesPicture a Murder (2018)
Garage Sale MysteriesMurder in D Minor (2018)
Garage Sale MysteriesSearch & Seized (2019)

Quick Summary of Garage Sale Mysteries in Order

Shannon is a typical woman whose business is to collect valuable antique devices for sale. She studied a lot to become a good investigator. Her passion for crime detection energized her to investigate to find a solution. She is not a pro detective but she can help police to capture the culprit with evidence. The mystery starts with the detection of a dead body in the self-storage unit during garage sales. She was surprised to track the dead body of her friend. Every movie is packed with crime, felony, and betrayal. The sleuths are trying to identify the main imposter. The suspense and adventure are spices to make the stories flavourful and interesting. 

Joint Venture with Lynwood

In the first movie, Shannon was projected as a garage items seller and distributor of vintage devices. At the same time, she emerged as an investigator to unearth the hidden truth behind lies. When the first movie was successful, the next movie series ran on the Hallmark channel every day to attract people. Adam Iverson is the detective who helps her reach the criminal.

So, in the second movie entitled Garage Sale Mysteries in Order in 2014, she liked to choose Lynwood as her personal assistant to solve complicated murder cases. In the second movie, she went somewhere for attending an auction to buy or collect vintage products.

She met the warehouse owner for deals. However, much to her surprise, she found that Martin was lying unconscious. She is her friend. The self-storage owner was killed by someone for vengeance. In the second movie series, her detective partner is Lynwood to speed up the case-solving. 

Which Is the Best Garage Sale Mystery in Order?

Jennifer Shannon has played her role as a detective in all 16 different garage sale mysteries movies in order under the same banner. She is a powerful investigator who is swift to detect the mysterious guilty person.

She has to hand over the culprit to the police. Though all 16 Garage Sale Mystery movies were released, experts have selected the best movie. They evaluated the strength of the storyline, acting performance, the way of investigation, and the final verdict pronounced by the jury. Experts have ranked all sixteen movies under different titles based on viewers’ feedback and ratings of experts.

Check the List of 16 Garage Sale Mystery Movies with Ranking

Garage Sale MysteriesIMDb Ratings
The Art or Murder         6.8/10
Murder by Text6.8/10
Search & Seized6.8/10
Garage Sale Mystery6.9/10
The Wedding Dress6.9/10
The Beach Murder6.9/10
Murder Most Medieval6.9/10
All That Glitters7.0/10
The Deadly Room7.0/10
Guilty Until Proven Innocent7.0/10
The Novel Murders       7.1/10
A Case of Murder7.1/10
The Mask Murder7.1/10
Pandora’s Box7.1/10
Murder In D Minor7.2/10
Picture a Murder7.2/10

Picture of Murder Got Highest Ranking

Garage Sale Mysteries in Order

Picture a Murder movie came to the box office for exhibition in 2018. According to movie reviewers and viewers, this is the best movie that has got the highest rating – 7.2/10. The story is that Larry Brady was in a coma after a heart attack. Doctors pronounced him dead. It is natural death. However, his nephew did not go back home in a relaxed mood. He guessed the intervention of the third party to smash his uncle. He was not pleased and therefore he decided to go to Shannon for an investigation. 

Before attending the annual neighborhood garage sale, I decided to research the ‘Garage Sale Mysteries in Order‘ to ensure I didn’t miss any thrilling adventures in the series.

Top Cast of Garage Sale Mystery Movies

In all Garage Sale Mystery Movies, you will encounter several brilliant actors and actresses. Box office heat Garage Sale Mystery movie series promotes a handful of top elegant actors. They have performed satisfactorily to convince the audience. Their bold acting deserves remarkable clapping and appreciation.

The movie director named DeLuise worked round the clock to select the best actors for his movie. Walter Klenhard and Suzi Weinert are the authors who penned Garage Sale Mystery. In all movies, the best performers performed nicely. However, the movie censor board experts and the jury panel have screened the best actors and actresses for selection.

To solve the Garage Sale Mysteries in order, the detective must carefully unravel the clues hidden amidst the eclectic array of items up for sale.

List of Top Actors in Garage Sale Mystery Series

Lori Loughlin as Jennifer Shannon
Sarah Strange as Danielle
Steve Bacic as Jason
Kavan Smith as Alan Bernar
Brendan Meyer as Logan
Kevin O’Grady as Detective Lynwood
Karin Konoval as Louise
Michael Kopsa as Martin
Claire Torrance as Allie
Kwesi Ameyaw as Cop
Chris Ang as Officer
Tim Bissett as Winthrop
Crystal Campbell as Auctioneer
Jennifer Copping as Maryanne
Johnny Cuthbert as robust and angry man
Noel Johansen as Vern
Aidan Kahn as Bidder
Derek Lowe as armoured car guard

Facts That You Do Not Know

The director with his crew team tried hard to spend energy to complete all sixteen movies under different titles. There are many unknown facts that you will have to discover to learn more about the mysteries of this movie Garage Sale Mystery in Order. For example, this movie depicts Shannon’s husband as Jason. Rick Ravanelo previously played his role. Later, the selection for the role of Jason, Shannon’s husband, went to Steve Bacic.


Jennifer Shannon is a brilliant woman dealing with garage sales. She actively collects rare objects for distribution. However, during her business venture, she also tracked the traces of burglary and murder. She continued to help cops detect the criminals. Her undercover investigation team is active to remove the crime. Garage Sale Mystery earns much popularity as a crime series. You can check free trials of all 16 movies online to have an idea about the presentation and acting performance including the storyline of the Garage Sale Mystery series.


Q: How many episodes are made to complete Garage Sale Mystery?

A: There are a total of 16 Garage Sale Mysteries episodes in order.

Q: Who is under coverage investigator in this movie Garage Sale Mystery?

A: Jennifer Shannon.

Q: What is the main theme of Garage Sale Mystery?

A: Garage Sale Mystery is basically based on crime, felony, and murder.

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