Best computer monitoring software you need to know in 2024

Good computer monitoring software helps businesses to keep employees disciplined and focused on tasks during working hours. However, the temptation to be unproductive as an employee can damage a business. Therefore, employers have to monitor the behavior of employees in working hours. The unproductive activities of the employees likewise browsing, social media, online gaming, and shopping online during working hours are the root causes behind the low productivity of employees. Moreover, tracking apps for PCs enable employers to prevent unsafe browsing activities and to catch disgruntled employees involved in data breaching and stealing of intellectual property on computing devices. Therefore, you need to know about the best computer monitoring software in 2024.

What is a computer monitoring app?

A computer tracking app is kind of a piece of technology that tracks your employee’s activities on business-owned laptops and desktop devices. It is one of the best software we have for digital parenting and employee monitoring. It can keep an eye on an employee’s wide range of activities during working hours and keep providing the user’s activity logs, screenshots, screen recordings, keystrokes applied, and browsing activities. Furthermore, you can use features, website blocking, surround recording, MIC bug, camera bug, GPS location, view installed applications, email monitoring, temper control, easy to view data, and set alarms.

Every feature is built with perfectly engineered tools provides you real-time results and helps you to strike a good balance of workforce in working hours. Apart from features, the interface of the application for computing devices is user–friendly and you can easily install and navigate its features on the target device. An online web control panel empowers you to upload the information on the dashboard. For more details, users can discuss the issues via online customer support chat.


Tracking software for PC is compatible with the Windows and MAC operating systems and you can secretly use it on the target devices to monitor the activities of employees. It supports all the latest OS versions of Windows and MAC devices.

Pros of computer surveillance app

  • It is compatible with laptop and desktop devices
  • You can use it on Windows & MAC devices
  • It is Easy to install on the target device
  • It only takes a few minutes to complete the setup
  • It has User –friendly web control panel
  • Pack with exclusive & basic features
  • Best for digital parenting
  • It is handy for employee tracking
  • It works under complete secrecy
  • Remotely upload the data to the dashboard

Cons of computer monitoring software

  • It is unable to install remotely
  • Not built for intrusive surveillance

Computer Surveillance App Exclusive Features

Live screen recording

Remotely get access to the target laptop and desktop device using an online web portal and activate the live screen recorder software. It enables you to start the recording of the computer device screen in terms of back-to-back short videos of the screens. It further delivers the recorded videos to the online web portal. Users can watch all the recorded videos of the Windows and Mac device screen, chrome screen recording, default browsers, active social media sites, and email accounts.

Windows GPS location

Users can use this particular feature for lost and theft devices. It enables you to track the GPS location of the target computing device virtually on the map. You can get to know about the current location of lost Windows and Mac devices with pinpoint accuracy.

Surround recording

PC monitoring apps can remotely get control over the Windows and Mac laptop devices’ microphones to record and listen to the surrounding sounds, voices, and conversations with surround recorder software.

Windows & MAC monitoring app basic Features

View installed apps

Users can remotely get access to the target device’s installed applications and you can view all the apps installed on the laptop and desktop device. You can view the installed application in a list form using the feature of Windows monitoring software.

Screenshots –on demand

Users can use the online dashboard and activate the feature of on-demand screenshots. It certainly starts capturing screenshots back to back and delivers to the web portal. Users can make their analysis by viewing the screenshots and getting to know about the target device user activities using the Windows tracking app.

Camera Bug

Mac surveillance app enables you to control the target laptop device front camera and capture photos to know who is up to the target device.


You can control the Mac laptop device microphone to record and listen to the surrounding conversations and voices.

Browsing activities

Users can remotely get access to the target device installed browsers such as chrome browser and other default browsers.


Windows keylogger is one of the best tools of Windows surveillance app that delivers your password, messages, messenger, and email keystrokes.

Computer usage reports

You can get to know about the computer usage and time spent on every application, and the user can get window device usage reports.

How to install computer tracking app?

Initially, you have to perform a couple of steps to get the subscription to the Windows and Mac tracking app. Visit the app’s webpage, subscribe separately for Windows and Mac OS to access comprehensive computer monitoring features. You will get the credentials via an email and get physical access to the target device for the installation process. Install the software, access the online dashboard, and utilize features to upload information from the target device for comprehensive monitoring. Utilize essential and advanced features of the Windows and Mac tracking app to efficiently accomplish your tasks.


Computer monitoring software is one of the best tools of 2024 that parents and employers need to know about. Parental control and employee monitoring for Windows and MAC devices, empowering oversight on kids and business-owned computers.