Life Portraiture of Shari Jordan- Stepmother of a Notorious Serial Killer – Psycho

Shari Jordan is an American woman with a small family. She is no more but her absence is palpable. She is popular because this woman is the stepmother of Jeffrey Dahmer, a male serial killer in the US. Her connection with such a criminal spread like fire. She died leaving her biological sons and daughter. She was married to Lionel Dahmar- the second husband of hers. 

Who Is Shari Jordan?

Late Shari Jordan was famous for her notorious stepson. Jeffrey Dahmer was a criminal with a bad record. He was a murderer and he raped several women as well. He is not the biological son of Shari but she raised her son. 

Brief Description of Shari Jordan 

Shari Jordan was not only a brave lady but she faced a lot of hurdles. This lady was born in 1953(exact date of birth -8th May 1953). Her birth place is Columbus, Ohio. 

Shari Jordan’s Parents 

Shari Jordan was brought up by duty-bound parents. She was the daughter of Howard M and Olive Jean Miller. They were much careful and responsible to take care of their only daughter named Shari. 

Lionel Dahmer Shari Jordan Relationship 

Shari Jordan

Lionel Dahmer Shari Jordan love affairs ended in a wedding. They are sweethearts loving each other. After they were married, they decided to expand their small family. She gave birth to a beautiful son named David. He is the biological son of Shari. However, Jeffrey is the step-sibling of David. They were obedient to their parents. Shari is the second wife of Lionel whose first marriage was in vain or short-lived. Joyce Dahmer is the former wife or partner. She produced Jeffrey who became a serial killer. Lionel and Shari enjoyed longer conjugal life till expiry. 

Shari Jordan Dahmer and Her Married Life

Shari Jordan Dahmer chose Lionel as her life partner even though he was married to Joyce. His first wife of Lionel was not agreed to continue their romantic relationship. Therefore, she parted with him legally filing for separation at the court. After the divorce, Lionel decided to start his life once again by marrying Shari Jordan way back in 1978. David Dahmer was later born after the second marriage of Lionel. He is the legal biological son of Shari. 

Shari’s Relationship with Jeffrey 

The life cycle is not always smooth to complete itself. History speaks silently about previous events. Shari has no blood match with Jeffrey. He is the son of his first marriage. Lionel fathered him long back. However, Lionel was not happy due to family feuds and disputes. His first partner took the decision not to stay with him any longer. She asked for the divorce and the permanent settlement happened at the court. Shari became the second wife and she also got permission of being a stepmother to Jeffrey. So, Shari and Jeffrey are not biologically connected. 

A Quick Brief-up about Lionel Dahmer

Lionel Dahmer spent his beautiful childhood days in the lap of West Allis, Wisconsin. In 1936, he was born and raised by his parents. Everybody knows him as the father of a crime originator, psycho, and serial killer. Jeffrey is his biological son and he should feel proud. However, misdeeds and wrong guidance make someone unhappy. He wrote a book entitled Father’s Story in which he admitted the guilt done by his son- Jeffrey. 

Why Is Jeffrey on Media Spotlight?

Lionel Dahmer is an aged gentleman who is also the father of several children. Out of them, Jeffrey disheartened himself and others by killing 17 men in a group. He was a serial killer and rapist. He was aggressive and stubborn. Due to being the father of Jeffrey, Lionel had to suffer the brunt of humiliation, and caustic criticism. 

The mystery behind Shari Jordan’s Family Background 

The dating of Shari with Lionel was a start to entering the new world of adventure and mysticism. She met a young boy at his home. He was bold and strong. Jeffrey was the attractive young boy who shook hands with her at their first meeting. She told her friends and media associates later that she gave him a chance to become her second son. Though there was no biological link between her and him, she felt a need to accept Jeffrey. 

The mystery became thicker and cloudy with the arrival of Jeffrey. He murdered a man just after the divorce of his mother. He confessed that tension, stress, and anger forced him to commit such a heinous crime. Joyce left the home after separation putting him in the dark alley. He was helpless and solitary. This loneliness brought misery to him. She quoted that Jeffrey was intelligent and sharp to kill someone even though he was stressed. She pampered him without thinking of future consequences. 

What Is Lionel’s Reaction to Jeffrey’s Wrongdoing?

Lionel and Shari are both prepared for dire consequences. Jeffrey was their son who terminated a group of 17 people brutally. From 1978 to 1991 he proved his expertise to murder 17 persons including boys. Besides, he exploited women sexually. On hearing the caustic history of Jeffrey, Shari and her husband did not feel embarrassed. Lionel wrote Father’s Story in which he relayed how Jeffrey was compelled to destroy victims under mental trauma. On the other hand, Shari gave indirect moral support to her stepson. She wanted to hush up anxiety and vexation of Jeffrey by forgiving his follies. The crime he did was just a mistake for him.

How Did Shari Jordan Tackle Jeffrey?

Shari Jordan knew that Jeffrey was not cool due to loneliness. Joyce is his mom but she did not give him peace and comfort. She decided to end up the communication with Jeffrey and Lionel. It was devastating for Jeffrey. He was about to destroy himself by drinking liquor in high dosage. In an interview, Shari revealed that it was not easy to tackle this guy. He was addicted to liquor and she resisted him by force. Even she warned him not to consume country liquor in high amounts. It would be a threat to his life. He was not in such a position to follow her advice. When Shari and Lionel visited him, he was found motionless with tension. There was no spot of crime on his face. He was innocent. She took him as “absolutely clean” and “spotless.”

What Did Shari Jordan Confess at Larry King Live Interview?

A man can’t survive after killing someone without any reason. The same case happened with Jeffrey. The whole family of Dahmer met an end because of the crime done by their son. Jeffrey soiled the social prestige of Lionel and his wife. At the Larry King Live interview session, Shari told the anchor that half of the soul of Jeffrey died long ago after the first attempt of murder. He was a misguided fellow without social responsibility. After being incarcerated, he was sentenced to solitary confinement. They did not utilize the chance to speak to him visiting his cell. 

Are Shari and Lionel Alive?

Shari is now in her 58s and she has withdrawn herself from the mainstream of society. She and her husband reside under the same roof with other grandchildren. The painful flashback makes their blood cold. 

Is Jeffrey Alive Now?

The law does not let someone get away without punishing them for a crime. The accused can’t lead a peaceful life anymore. After murdering 17 guys, including boys, authorities sent him to jail for imprisonment. Over there, he fought to survive. In a journal, the writer stated that Jeffrey was no more, as one of his inmates in jail beat him. A co-inmate heavily injured him following a tussle over a simple issue. 

Shari Jordan Age

Shari Jordan age is approximately 58(Died in 2012). She dated and wedded Lionel in 1978. Jeffrey is her step son and David is her biological kid. 


Shari Jordan is a bold and maverick woman who is known for being a stepmother to Jeffrey – a serial killer. She still exists in her home with her hubby and children. Shari tried her best to save Jeffrey from the crime. She and Lionel remember past events which are painful and embarrassing for them. They lost Jeffrey and they pray for the peaceful rest of the soul of their son in heaven. 


Q: Who is Shari Jordan?

A: Shari Jordan is a stepmother of an international lawbreaker – a serial killer.

Q: Who is Jeffrey?

A: Jeffrey is a known criminal and psycho patient. He murdered seventeen guys and boys under stress.

Q: Where Are Shari Jordan and Lionel?

A: Both Shari and Lionel are alive to spend their remaining days till death. They are now at their home and they share time with grandchildren.

Q: Who is David Dahmer?

A: David Dahmer is the original son of Shari Jordan. It is the first marriage for Shari and the second one for Lionel.

Q: Who wrote Father’s Story?

A: Lionel Dahmer wrote Father’s Story.